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Meet Dena & family


Thanks to Miranda Mader for capturing this photo for us!

Hey folks,


This is us! The Dudleys. I'm Dena with my husband and often 2nd photographer at weddings and events, Dean (yes we are aware of the complete irony of being Dean & Dena). Our girls are Sybil, Olivia and Ella.

We know all about doing photos with a mix of children's attitudes from posing like a little model to screaming bloody murder and avoiding the camera all together!


We call Knoxville, Tennessee home and love raising our kids in this perfect sized area. If you're visiting or moving, welcome! And if you're lucky enough to live here too, then you probably know what I mean. There's a mix of nature and country along with town and city all so close to each other.

I am originally from Alabama, don't worry though I went to college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Go Vols! My husband and I met through work, as we both received degrees and had careers in nuclear engineering. 

I have always had a love for photography...started out as a kid as my family's holiday photographer. I later expanded my photography by taking photos for coworkers. Then I gained a good bit of experience and knowledge both from having my own kids and also from the time I spent working in a photo studio, which gave me the confidence I needed to start my own photography business.

I enjoy the variety of doing different types of sessions and events. I can't pick ONE type and stop the others. I love taking birthing photos for those first breaths, precious newborns, all the milestones, studio birthdays and the parties, outdoor in beautiful East Tennessee, weddings and all the craziness of the day, families during the different seasons of the year and of the family, maternity with mom's lovely round belly, graduates celebrating their victories! I LOVE doing it all. I love to celebrate with you.

My ultimate goal is to produce photos that you will love, adore and cherish as long as you live. 


If you have any questions about sessions or photo coverage, prices, or how any part of the process works, please ask! I would love the opportunity to be your photographer!


Contact Me

Knoxville, TN

Tel: 865-964-7800

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