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Newborn Session Tips

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I am SO excited to share in this life-changing moment with you!  Before we get started, let’s go over a few tips that will make your (and baby’s) experience as comfortable as possible.

Session details & planning

The session time is estimated to last approximately 2-4 hours to allow time for prop/scene changes and set up, as well as downtime for the baby for feedings, changes and cleanup, and rest or calming as needed. However, note that the session may not require this length of time, if desired images are achieved in a shorter amount of time, or if family or baby has reached their “photo limit” prior to reaching the allotted time.


(In-home only):
The session start time is the approximate time I will arrive. I will start by taking a look around your home with you for areas with the most available lighting, areas that allow room for the studio setup, and/or that have potential to be included in photos. Please have ready/easily attainable any blankets or items that you may want included in photos. Also, be aware that we may set up in an odd spot or may need to adjust furniture temporarily to achieve optimal lighting.

Baby Preparation

In order for the baby to look his/her best for their photo session, here are some care tips/reminders:

  • If the  baby has dry, cracked or flaking skin, apply a gentle lotion either the day before and/or day of the photo session.

  • Check and treat the baby’s eyes and nose for mucus and flakes.

  • Clip or file their finger and toe nails, if needed.


Newborns photograph best when they are restful, which typically requires a warm environment and a full tummy (or off and on feedings as needed).

  • Consider keeping the house or room temperature up to at least high 70s (the warmer the better), have a space heater available for use, or let me know to bring a heater so that the baby is comfortable in little to no clothing.

  • Leave electronics (tv, fans, sound makers) ON that you normally have on during the day or during nap time.

  • Before the baby starts the feeding closest to the scheduled photo session start time, have them in just a diaper and covered/wrapped up for warmth OR in an outfit that you want included in the photos, so they do not have to be disturbed by a clothes change to begin photos.  Please be aware that some babies will need an extra feeding before getting started and often times in between moves to help achieve restful photos.


Assistance & adjustments

I will need at least one parent/guardian helper to assist with moving and holding the baby during prop/scene setup and changes, in order to provide a safe experience for the baby. Please note that I will need to make adjustments to the placement of the baby’s head, arms and sometimes body placement to achieve a certain look or pose. Let me know at any point, if you prefer to adjust the baby yourself or would like for me to wear gloves.


Family Wardrobe

I plan on including mom, dad, and siblings when applicable in the photo session with your baby. Consider having everyone wear coordinating or complimentary colors and avoid more than one pattern. The currently recommended color trend is “earth” or “gem” color tones; such as dark greens, navy blue, burnt oranges, or crimson reds. Also avoid characters or logos on clothing.


Mom, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. (I’ll be as kind as possible. I’ve been post-partum too!) If you would like to have out a few outfit choices, I am happy to discuss what works and why on arrival.


Communication Welcome

Please let me know before or during your session if you have specific poses or types of photos (siblings, pets, special items, etc.) you want included, and I will do my best to plan and accommodate your desires.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture these important memories for you and your family. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas!

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